At Foodient, we are close to customers and consumers everywhere. We understand trends in bakery culture and apply the latest technologies to develop innovative products and solutions that help our customers be successful in their business.

Our goal is to give our clients solutions that offer them a constant satisfaction.  Thinking globally and acting locally, we aim to provide our customers the most possible quality and satisfaction.


With ever changing worldwide trends, we seek to find needs and gaps and then can help our clients find the solutions for these needs. Also, we innovate by creating customized solutions that are not found somewhere else. Our goal is benefit the worldwide market with our experience and quality standards, and create long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our Organization

Our company is a close family business with a long experience in bakery ingredients, dating with the founding of Scandies in 1985.

We do not only rely on our family knowledge, but with our highly valued and experienced personnel, we seek to achieve only the highest possible results with extreme attention to details and customer satisfaction.

As a family business, we can take fast and strong decisions and have a unity of purpose, which made us as successful as we are today.

Our History

With a collective experience in selling bakery ingredients dating for more than 30 years, Foodient was created with the collected experience in the field to produce the quality ingredients under the highest possible standard.

And as a family company we believe it is important to have an impact in the bakery and pastry sector which goes beyond the making economic profit. For that, we are committed to long term fruitful, faithful and partnerships with our clients.

Foodient | Leading in Bakery Ingredients